Monday, March 20, 2017

Helping You Eat Healthier Restaurant/Farm Review #16

Helping You Eat Healthier

                         Review #16

Welcome to our sixteenth review of restaurants and farm markets in our healthy eating series. This is a great farmers market to visit to get a great start on your weekend. Walking around, talking to neighbors and local businesses while getting fresh vegetables or meats to take home to prepare a wonderful weekend meal sounds like a great morning!



Shore Drive Farmers Market

There is nothing better than getting your food fresh from local vendors. At Shore Drive Farmers Market you can choose from about 15 vendors who offer seafood, produce, meat, eggs, cheese, baked goods, coffee, clothing and art. Farmers markets do not only offer local food and merchandise, they also bring a sense of community. Shore Drive Farmers Market is a great place to meet the producers of our food and learn about its production. It is also a great place to meet our neighbors and socialize with our friends, all while supporting local businesses. 

Come find out what our local vendors have to offer, from fresh seafood to aromatic coffee, from colorful produce to fresh meat. You can find some of the farms mentioned in previous blogs here such as Cullipher Farm Market and Full Quiver Farm, along with many other great vendors. They are also dog friendly and have some vendors that sell organic dog treats so your fur baby can eat healthy too! Shore Drive Farmers Market is open year-round, every Saturday from 10:00AM to noon in the winter and 9:00AM to noon in the summer. They are open all year, in all weather; even if it is rainy or windy their alternative setup is under the eaves and in the hallways of the shopping center. They are located at 2947 Shore Drive in Virginia Beach in the parking lot of the Lynnhaven Square Shopping Center.

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